Workshops in 2019

interested in learning some watercolour techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment?

These six workshops have been devised to guide you through some basic techniques and give you the confidence to ‘have a go’ at some of the more challenging aspects of watercolour.

ideal for complete beginners or those wishing to progress a little further with their paintings.

together the six workshops will give you a great start on your watercolour journey or alternatively choose individual workshops that particularly suit your need.


A Gentle Introduction to Watercolour

Monday 1st July or Tuesday 2nd July

Have no fear! A workshop designed for complete beginners. We will be using a limited palette with limited possibilities.


introducing Colour & Painting Some Still Life

Monday 5th August or Tuesday 6th August

We all love colour. Let’s mix some. Learn how t be confident with colour in oder to enhance your paintings. We will be painting some still life.


Love Laying Washes and Paint Some Skies 

Monday 2nd September or Tuesday 3rd September

Perfecting this skill – quoted as being “75% of watercolour technique”. By the end of this session you will be three quarters on the way on your watercolour journey.


Let’s Mix Some Greens and Paint Trees

Monday 7th October or Tuesday 8th October

how to mix subtle natural greens rather than relying on ready mixed tubes. Trees – an endless subject matter. We’ll look at a tried and tested method of painting trees and a loose and fun one too.


A Journey from Sketchbook to Finished Page

Monday 4th November or Tuesday 5th November

Understanding the information required in your sketches and transforming those earl marks into a painting. Tips on working from photographs too.


Is Blue Warm or Cool? Looking at Landscapes

Monday 2nd December or Tuesday 3rd December

Not all blues are cool and not all yellows are warm. Let’s demystify this conundrum Learn how to incorporate warm and cool colours to great effect in a landscape composition.

Want to take part?

If you would like to take part in any or all of these workshops, please contact me using this form with the workshops you like to attend.

Workshops in 2020

Express yourself through paint and let your creativity loose. Celebrating the seasons.

Six watercolour workshops designed for those wishing to try some fresh experimental techniques alongside some tried and tested ones.

the beautiful english countryside is a constant source of inspiration to artists and we are going to use the changing seasons as a guide to dictate the subject matter for each individual workshop.

Together these six workshops form a cohesive package of techniques but feel free to book individual workshops or the ones that particularly appeal if you prefer.


Winter willows & silver birches

Monday 6th January or Tuesday 7th Januray

Let’s paint our evocative landscape with these instantly recognisable trees taking centre stage.


winter seedheads in all their glory

Monday 3rd February or Tuesday 4th February

The sculptural forms of dormant plants are an artists’ delight demanding strong and stylish compositions.


spring flowers but not as you know it

Monday 2nd March or Tuesday 3rd March

We are not talking delicate here. Our paintings will be bold and vibrant, loose and free.


Bluebells, bluebells, EVERYWHERE

Monday 6th April or Tuesday 7th April

Looking at a bluebell wood with a fresh approach as we capture that magical time of year.


orchard inspirations

Monday 11th Mayor Tuesday 12th May

Think apple blossom, cow parsley, cows and sheep. An oppotunity to interpret this title in all its guises.


the hedonistic summer

Monday 8th June or Tuesday 9th June

Blowsy roses and hydrangeas abound. Let soft colours merge and blend and watch these flowers emerg from your paper.

Want to take part?

If you would like to take part in any or all of these workshops, please contact me using this form with the workshops you like to attend.